February 4 2024

Week #15 New Hampshire

New Hampshire Motor Speedway witnessed a thrilling race as #90 Daniel Eberhnardt III clinched his 5th victory of the season, setting a new leagues record. Eberhnardt, who had qualified in the 23rd position, faced early challenges in the form of damage during the first caution, but his determination and a strategic pit stop allowed him to recover.

Throughout the race, Eberhnardt showcased his exceptional skill, leading an impressive 49 laps and accumulating enough points to propel himself into 2nd place in the standings. The competition was fierce, and the race ultimately came down to a green/white checkered flag finish, where Eberhnardt successfully fended off challenges from Dylan Jones and Matthew Molnar.

Dylan Jones, who had started in pole position, nearly had a perfect points day, solidifying his lead in the championship race. With just five races remaining in the season, the competition is heating up as drivers prepare for the next showdown at Chicagoland, a track known for its close-quarter racing action.

Daniel Eberhnardt III's remarkable win at New Hampshire Motor Speedway adds another chapter to what has been an exceptional season for him. Motorsport enthusiasts can look forward to more thrilling battles as the championship race continues to unfold.


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